Olivia’s Plan

The one thing we are learning here is that the only constant thing in life is change. On Wednesday, Olivia had her 3rd echo since her arrival. It showed that the size of the VSD (hole between the two bottom chambers of the heart) had not changed any. One good thing that it did show was that the function of the heart was great. There are no signs of heart failure. Because of this, the team has now decided that the benefit of putting off the surgery outweigh the risks of repairing it now. They feel that if they give her time to grow and build up reserve, the process will go much smoother. Once discharged from the hospital, we will more than likely stay in the area to be under the care of the doctors here. When I asked how often she will have an echo, the reply was “months or weeks.” Again, this is the plan as of now and we know that nothing is definite. We are trying to be as flexible as possible knowing that the plan may change tomorrow. We are just thankful that they are confident in letting Olivia make the decision rather than pushing her body to do something that it is not ready for.

Today, Olivia was also able to try her new chest protector! She wore it all day and the nurses and doctors kept an eye on it to make sure that no modifications were needed. We should know more tomorrow when we return to the hospital to see them, but it looked good when we were there today.

On another positive note, Callie weighed in last night at her birth weight and Olivia was very close! We are still taking it one day at a time and we love seeing this progress! Faith and patience, patience and faith.

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  1. Sue Lammers says:

    Denny talked to Bob last night and tonight Melanie showed me the newest pictures. What a miracle. Glad all of you are doing so well. Loved the picture of Logan holding Callie–how precious. Many thoughts and prayers are headed your way from everyone at THUMC. Hope your mother is doing well, I know she is great help for all of you. Wish we could be there to give you some support, but know we are all thinking of you.